Enjoy our Beautiful Country, and take a Road-Trip

Flying is obviously a much more convenient mode of travel. Quick and generally reliable, it gets the job done. But one thing flying can't do is turn the journey itself into a holiday experience.

This might require some planning, but hey, if you have a huge family not only will it be cheaper; you might learn something in the venture.

If you are considering breaking your mundane daily routine with a bit of holiday inspired fun, I strongly suggest taking a road trip around our beautiful country as opposed to a traditional holiday.

South Africa is perfect for jumping in the car and hitting the tarmac. It's easy to navigate, with tempting freeways leading out of the cities, and it packs a bulging lunch box of scenery - from snowy mountains to sandy beaches. With African villages and picturesque settler towns for resting your steed, you'll never tire of the road on these trips.

Last year, South Africa (SA) was ranked highly in a number of travel awards and reports, which rated everything from beauty to infrastructure, proving that our country really is one of the best places to take to the open road. In their Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013, the World Economic Forum ranked South Africa as one of the top 50 countries in the world for the quality of our roads and government prioritization of the travel and tourism industry.

Expat, Sine Thieme said, “Compared to the rest of Africa, South Africa’s road network is extensive and in good condition, but ... anyone planning on going on any self-drive safaris will travel their share of dirt roads.” Dirt roads are the most exciting part of driving through South Africa, taking you from a bustling metropolis to the bush in just a few days drive.

The Garden Route is our most famous route, ranked number 2 in the world by Rough Guides, “Mountains and vineyards on one side, and rocky shores and sandy beaches on the other.” Jill Starley-Grainger of the Luxury Traveler also ranked SA in her top two road trip. Even though she felt the Garden Route was “over hyped”, South Africa made it onto her list because she decided to take less traveled routes, and that, as they say, made all the difference. She cited South Africa as the best place for wildlife spotting, spying whales, penguins and baboons.

CNN listed the road trip along our coastline as one of their top ten ultimate drives and warned that with, “Over 65 wineries along the way, will have you wishing you were a passenger rather than the driver.

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