Diabetic Foot Take control now!

You might often wonder why all health care professionals harp on… and on…about getting regularly screened for diabetes. Yes…your blood sugar might be high or even fluctuate dramatically during the course of the day. So What? “I’ll just stop taking 5 teaspoons of sugar in my tea and it should be sorted!” WRONG! The dramatic fluctuations in blood sugar have been proven to be the cause of numerous complications from Diabetes.

High blood sugar levels cause damage to large and small blood vessels as well as nerves. We all know of an elderly member of the family who had to have their toe/foot/leg removed due to diabetes …. Why risk

losing a limb when screening is quick and easy. In diabetes, the poor sugar control impacts on circulation especially in hands and feet – it also causes decreased sensation in these limbs. Due to this, we often strongly advise diabetics to regularly examine their feet. They may have injured themselves and not been aware of this. Eventually an open wound develops. The high sugar in the blood provides a good medium for bacteria to grow, causing overwhelming infection or even gangrene. All open injuries in diabetics take a longer period to heal putting them at high risk of developing complications.

With nerve damage, not only is there decreasing sensation but also abnormal functioning of the nerve itself causing severe burning or tingling in the feet. This can be excruciating and often wakes the person from sleeping.

Management can be difficult and complicated – it involves numerous individuals including a podiatrist, dietician, endocrinologist and regrettably, a surgeon.

Why wait to complicate?

Take control NOW!

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