About Us

Mission Statement

At ChangeNOW Magazine we realise that in our ever Changing world it is not about  YOU or ME anymore but rather us as a WE, hence our aim is to create a synergy between advertiser and reader. ChangeNOW Magazine wants to be a catalyst for positive change and growth. We want to see our community members becoming readers, entrepreneurs, trend setters, style makers and behaviour changers.

For our advertisers we want to create a platform of cost effective and affordable packages, to reach your target market, with the intent of helping you and your business to expand.

Distribution & Quantity

As a magazine, distribution is vital to the success of our publication.
ChangeNOW Magazine has officially partnered with Property Junction, so you can find our 10 000 copies at most participating stands from the  Bluff, Malvern, Queensburgh, Chatsworth, Shallcross, Pinetown, Westville, Kloof and Hillcrest areas.

Merchandising & Marketing

Market research indicates the majority audience in the Greater Queensburgh and Mainline area mid to upper high LSM. We have partnered with a leading webmaster to execute our state-of-the-art website, thus offering our advertisers another resource to reach a larger sales market.


A blend of Fashion, Health & Sport, Home & Garden, Parenting, Travel, Food, Money Matters, Entertainment, Teens and Education articles are put together to make sure we appeal to everyone as well to the many facets of what make us unique individuals. Our leisure articles will take you to wonderful destinations, while our lifestyle content follows the new trends.

We interview people of interest and give you a little insight about their personal life. We ask expert advice from the financial gurus, so we all can learn how to spend wisely, grow prosperously and live responsibly.

Our gastronomic food critics sample indulgent dishes from local restaurants and share some tips on exciting culinary flavours, to top chef recipes.

This magazine is taking coffee table space in many homes, doctors offices, schools, libraries, churches and restaurants, most of these places still have our launch issue amongst the newer ones, so people are holding onto the magazine for much longer, giving your advertisement that much more exposure.


Our 10 000 printed units reaches an estimate audience of approximately 50 000
readers, together with our internet joint venture we have an amazing new readership and customer followship.


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